Born in Toronto, Canada, Yorgo Liapis is a biracial artist and woodworker whose extensive portfolio traverses art and design, creating sculptural works and design pieces with a focus on materiality and craftsmanship. His exploration of naturally occurring mathematical patterns shows itself in the shapes, motifs and intentions of the works themselves by referencing foliage, seed growth, animal camouflage and the biodynamics of plant and animal life. A respect for and appreciation of the cyclical and relatively inhuman nature of the systems we inhabit makes itself apparent through the work as well while the designs themselves accommodate and comfort the viewer/user. Liapis recently completed a nine month program in furniture design at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine with invitation to teach in 2018. He currently lives and works in Toronto.

His work is inspired by the beauty and efficiency of patterns found in nature and the relationship between people and objects. His objective is to become increasingly attuned to his intuition so that through his art, he might express some truth about the human experience.